• File requirements

  • Label dimensions

  • Label scrolling directions

  • Dimensions of rolls

File requirements

File formats:

  • *ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • *.crd (CorelDraw)
  • *.pdf

The design must comprise CMYK or SPOT colours. It cannot contain objects with RGB colours.

The texts must be in graphical form or have attached fonts to ensure no font changes.

Image resolution: 300 dpi.

Print Bleed for each design: 3 mm.

Decorative picture

Submitting the designs to us is easiest via electronic channels. Smaller files (up to 6 MB) can be e-mailed to us. For larger ones, please use our portal dataprint.portal.massive.app

Label dimensions

The label shown here is 100 x 60 mm, and 100 x 160mm – with the first number denoting the label width in the roll and the second number denoting the label length in the roll.

Label scrolling directions

For scrolling directions 1-4 the labels are on the exterior surface of the roll. For scrolling directions 5-8 the labels are on the interior surface of the roll (so-called internal scrolling). The scrolling direction is of special importance when using a labelling machine.


Dimensions of rolls

Your products are scrolled on cartridges with an interior diameter of either 40, 76 or 152 mm. The exterior size of the cartridge is defined by either its exterior diameter or by the quantity of labels in the roll.

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